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Top 10 Authoring Tools List for Online Course Creator 2022

Lisa Tatum
June 17, 2022

What is the most popular authoring tool? Here's the list of most effective authoring tools for you (2022 Update)

Tools for Creating a Digital Teacher on the Video

To grab attention from the audience is not easy. Whether your audience is students or corporate employees, it's not easy to capture their attention. Imagine a video course that consists of a thousand words and pictures. It's hard not to get stuck, right? And what if a digital presenter appeared in the video? That will definitely help you to stimulate the interest in the course, and here are my suggestions:

HeyGen - AI Presenter Creator

It is an online authoring tool for you to create a digital teacher or AI presenter for your online course. Simply type the script and you will get a spokesperson video with lip-syncing. Here is the way you can experience this AI tool online.


Features of this Tool

- Convert ppt to video

- Text to speech (typing the script and HeyGen will turn it to speech automatically)

- Generate AI teacher with lip-syncing (20+ language and 200+ accents)

Talking Avatar - AI Avatar Creator

It's a gamification multimedia authoring tool for you to add interesting video to your online course. You can choose an animated character or just upload a portrait then enter the copy, you will get a video of talking face. Here is the way to access this product.


Features of this Tool

- Create an online course with a gamification method....

- Face swapping

- Photo talking (For example, upload a photo of Einstein, then enter the copy, you can get a video of Einstein talking.)

Software for creating animation effects for instructional video

It's not enough to present content through text and images, an interesting online course cannot be created without animations (are GIFs more interesting than JPN?) I believe that the following tools will help you to understand what you want to say.

Vyond- animated video creator (Trial & Paid)

What is Vyond? It's a cloud-based software for creating animated effects on videos for instructional designers. You can create any kind of animated effect on this software, while the price of this software is relatively high, and as an individual user Vyond's price plan is between $299 and $999.


Powtoon - animate PowerPoint creator

As the branding shows, this name mixes 'PowerPoint' and 'Cartoon', so It's software for you to create presentations with animated effects. The subscription plan on Powtoon is between $20 and $100


Tools for Web Whiteboard

There must be something in your content that needs to be highlighted or scribbled, right? Remember the time when you were reading and the teacher was tapping out the key points on the board. In an online classroom, the action of 'tapping out' can be replaced by the drawing board tool.

And of course, the essential notes, diagrams and mind maps, the parts you want to write by hand, can be created with the following tools.

WebWhiteBoard - Online Drawing Tool

It's an online drawing board, once you open it on your browser you can draw by mouse and then click the 'share' button to get a special link to share with other people.

webwhiteboard-interface (free&paid)

It's a whiteboard App for remote teachers to create a new class online, the price is within 13 dollars


Software for scheduling a class

How to make a class schedule? Creating a schedule seems to be a part of online education that you can't avoid. You need to clearly let the trainer know the schedule, and it's easier for both students and staff to remind them when classes are scheduled so that both parties can schedule them properly.

Making it easy to create a good-looking and easy-to-understand schedule is the mission of the following tools.

Coursicle - College Schedule Maker

It's an online tool that can be easily used to create a class schedule. You can add a class event on the calendar with the different colors you define. Just like the following screenshot shown.



Creately - School schedule Maker(free&paid)

Creately is a traceable schedule generator and unlike other tools, it has more features such as managing your workflow, work timeline, to-do list ,etc.


APPs for Building an Online Classroom

It's quite important to build a communication way to connect the speaker and listener. Live chats are a primary way, you can set up a day to answer the questions and listen for feedback. So the following platform can help you do that.

Google Meet Platform

It's an app that needs to be downloaded on mobile or PC first. The advantage of this meeting software is that it is free and you can sign in through your Google account. You can invite up to 100 people to a meeting, but you need to be aware that each meeting cannot exceed 60 minutes in length. (For webinars longer than one hour, it is recommended to book two links to consecutive sessions)

Another very competitive advantage is that on this application, your meetings can appear with live captions, which will greatly reduce information errors in the meeting.



Zoom Meeting Platform

This software for building online meeting rooms is also commonly used, and by being more common in office scenarios, you can download the app, set a meeting time and topic, and then share your meeting link. People who get the meeting link can enter the meeting room directly by clicking on the link (the free duration is around 40 minutes)



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