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5 Best AI Voice Cloning Software in 2023

Lisa Tatum
May 18, 2023

Voice cloning is the process of creating a synthetic copy of a person's voice using artificial intelligence (AI). Voice cloning can be used for various purposes, such as dubbing, voiceovers, impersonations, content creation, and more. However, voice cloning also poses ethical and legal challenges, such as identity theft, fraud, and misuse.

In this blog post, we will introduce five AI voice cloning softwares that you can use to create seamless and authentic voiceovers for your projects. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each tool, based on factors such as quality, customization, pricing, and availability.

HeyGen - Deep Fake Voice Cloning & Voice Cloning for Custom Avatars

HeyGen is an AI video generator that features lip-sync technology and a deepfake AI voice, as well as a customizable talking avatar. 

What sets HeyGen apart from other voice cloning softwares is that in addition to providing a cloned voice, you can also create a custom avatar that looks like you and speaks in a similar manner to you. With HeyGen's first-level lip-sync technology, you can design a digital self-image that can create all kinds of videos for you using your appearance and cloned voice as a basis.


  • You can create personalized and natural-sounding voiceovers for your videos, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.
  • The audio is crystal clear and there is no background noise present
  • The cloning process takes only 2-10 minutes to complete.


  • The cloning process only supports English.
  • When using synthetic speech, you may lose some of the nuances and emotions of your original voice.


  • The cost for voice cloning is $99 per year. Please note that voice cloning is a separate service that can be purchased independently.

Murf - Clone your Voice & Text to speech Voice Cloning Online

Are you tired of listening to monotonous, robotic-sounding voice clones?  Murf is an AI voice clone that can mimic a range of human emotions, from anger and happiness to sadness and more. With Murf, you can finally experience a more emotional and human-like voice in your AI interactions.


  • Generates AI voice clones that mimic real human emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, and more.
  • Can transform a single recording into infinite script performances.
  • Customizable to exhibit different emotions depending on the use case (advertisements, IVR, or character voices in games and animation).
  • Allows adjustment of pitch, tone, speed, and more to produce lifelike narration for content.
  • Allows modifications to the script during the creative process without re-recording the target voice twice.
  • Provides a dedicated account manager to assist users through the user cycle, including voice recording quality assurance, on-boarding, troubleshooting, and other support requirements.
  • Ensures 99.9% uptime SLA on the platform.
  • Built with systems that protect data, ensure security of usage for the clone, and provide exclusive access to the team for creating custom voice overs using text to speech.


  • It has a limited voice generation time per user per year depending on the plan
  • It has a video upload size limit and a video export quality limit depending on the plan
  • It does not have a refund policy or a free trial for paid plans
  • It may not be able to capture all the nuances and emotions of human speech


The price for voice cloning is not explicitly stated on the product. You will need to get in touch with their team to obtain this information.

Resemble AI - Voice Cloning for Text to Speech & Real-time Voice Cloning

Resemble AI is a platform that provides a voice cloning solution. With Resemble AI, users can clone any voice and create dynamic, iterable, and unique voice content. The platform offers two options for recording audio data: using the web recorder or uploading audio data directly to the platform. Users don't need to worry about formatting and cleaning as Resemble AI takes care of these tasks.


  • The engine can clone a voice with as little as 3 minutes of data and can create AI voices within 12 minutes of data submission.
  • Offers personalization features such as creating thousands of personalized audio segments based on names, location, addresses, and more.
  • Resemble AI can be used for creating dynamic dialogue for AI assistants and crafting film dialogue with all the nuances of human speech.


  • It has a limited voice generation time per user per month depending on the plan
  • It has a high price point for individual users and small businesses
  • It does not have a free trial or a refund policy for paid plans
  • It may not be able to capture all the nuances and emotions of human speech


Resemble AI has two main plans: Basic and Pro.

  • The "BASIC" price plan offers pay-as-you-go pricing for custom voices built on the platform, with a cost of $0.006 per second. It also includes up to 10 web-recorded custom voices in English only, access to 50+ marketplace voices, unlimited audio downloads, and pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • The "PRO" plan is designed for custom data, massive scale, and deployment needs. It offers features such as the ability to upload custom data, speech-to-speech capabilities, enhanced emotion control, low latency APIs, and cross-lingual support in 24+ languages.

Lyrebird - Create A Digital Voice of Yourself & Descript Voice Cloning

Lyrebird is an AI voice cloning technology that allows you to create a text-to-speech model of your own voice or choose from a range of realistic stock voices. Lyrebird is part of Descript, a media editing and transcription platform that uses AI to enhance your audio and video projects. Some of the pros and cons of Lyrebird are:


  • You can create personalized and natural sounding voiceovers for your podcasts, videos, audiobooks, etc.
  • You can edit your voice recordings by typing or deleting words, without having to re-record anything.
  • You can use Overdub, a feature that lets you add new words or phrases in your own voice or another voice, with just a few clicks.


  • You need to record at least one hour of your voice to create a high-quality voice model.
  • You may face ethical issues or legal risks if you use someone else’s voice without their consent or proper attribution.
  • You may lose some of the nuances and emotions of your original voice when using a synthetic voice.


There are 3 main plans for Lyrebird

  • The free plan gives you access to Overdub with 1 hour of transcription per month and 10 minutes of overdubbing per project.
  • The Creator plan costs $12 per month and gives you 10 hours of transcription.
  • The pro plan costs $24 per month and gives you 30 hours transcription and overdubbing, as well as advanced editing features.
  • The enterprise plan is customized for larger teams and organizations.

ReadSpeaker - Voice Cloning Software for Brands & Voice Cloning Free

ReadSpeaker's proprietary voice cloning software uses deep neural networks to create text-to-speech (TTS) voices that are indistinguishable from the source. The audio data from a chosen speaker is used to create a carbon-copy voice that can be used in various TTS solutions, such as smart speaker apps, interactive marketing campaigns, and advertisements.


  • Allows brands to use their representative's voice in various audio touchpoints
  • Provides branding and marketing opportunities by using voice cloning for thought leaders, visionaries, mascots, fictional characters, and celebrity spokespersons
  • Offers advanced techniques for fully customizable voice cloning
  • Provides an extensive range of TTS engines and production tools

Possible applications:

  • Smart speaker apps
  • Digital experiential marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Voice commerce
  • IVR systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Virtual assistant personas
  • Website accessibility
  • Guidance and navigation systems
  • Video games and entertainment


  • Free trial
  • You can also subscribe for $4.9 for more functions.

Create your own AI Voice Now

As AI voice cloning software continues to rapidly advance, there are now many options available for individuals and organizations to experiment with. The five tools discussed, HeyGen, Murf, Resemble AI, Lyrebird, and ReadSpeaker, all have their unique features and benefits.

Whether you're looking to create personalized voiceovers for your business or simply experiment with creating your own virtual assistant, these AI voice cloning softwares can offer a range of possibilities. However, it's important to remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

As with any new technology, it's crucial to approach these tools with caution and be aware of their limitations and potential risks. It's important to use these tools responsibly and with consideration for privacy, consent, and potential misuse. With that in mind, the future of AI voice cloning software looks promising and exciting, and I encourage everyone to give them a try and explore the possibilities they offer.