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8 Best Innovative AI Video Generators for 2023

Ayesha Shaheryar
February 23, 2023

Do you ever need help creating dynamic and engaging videos? 

With the introduction of AI video generators in 2023, creating visually stunning and emotionally captivating content has never been easier!

AI video generators are software tools designed to create videos with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Marketers and businesses use this technology to automate the process of creating videos. AI video generators can create a wide range of videos, from promotional materials such as ads and teasers to tutorial or explainer videos

Imagine what it would be like to have an automated system that could take care of all the technical details, from finding appropriate music to coordinating with actors and scripts. Does this sound impossible? Not anymore! 

In this post, we'll look at 8 of the best innovative AI video generators available in 2023, giving users a glimpse into how they can harness the power of artificial intelligence to streamline their business operations and boost online property engagement. So if you're wondering what tools are out there to help make your videos more engaging (and drive sales), keep reading!

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Top 8 AI Video Generators for Boosting Your Marketing Strategy In 2023

In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) video generators will be invaluable for marketers looking to drive success in their campaigns. AI video generators allow marketers to quickly create personalized videos based on customer data, resulting in more effective marketing experiences. 

Let's have a look at some of the top AI video generators that will be available in 2023


HeyGen - Leader in AI Video Generator

HeyGen is the top-rated AI video generator designed to produce natural-sounding text and create high-quality, attention-grabbing videos in no time. It also has AI avatars, so you don't have to worry about hiring models. In addition, with HeyGen, no technical skills are necessary to use the platform. As a result, you can quickly boost your marketing strategy by creating content that captures attention and stands out from the crowd.

Using Movie's AI video generator will drastically reduce the time it takes to produce a video and cost-effectively improve the quality of your content.



· HeyGen has a library of 100+ talking avatars, which can be used to create videos with a personalized touch.

· HeyGen also offers talking photos, a face swap feature, and custom avatars, which are perfect for creating engaging videos that look more humanlike.

· HeyGen supports over 40 languages and 300+ accents to choose from.

· HeyGen has a 24/7 customer support team to help you with all your video production problems.

· HeyGen can export videos in different formats for Tiktok, YouTube, and other platforms.

· HeyGen can import both PPT/PDF files in the video production, which makes it easier to explain your details.

· HeyGen has a faster video generation speed than other AI video production platforms.

· Also, HeyGen has an impressive library of templates, which you can use to make videos quickly and easily.

You may learn more features of HeyGen here: Feature


· HeyGen's free trial allows you to create a one-minute video.

· HeyGen has three different plans Essential, Standard, and Premium. 

· The essential plan starts at $30/month.

· The standard plan starts with 20 minutes of video per month for $60/month.

· The premium plan offers 40 minutes of video for $120/month

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D-ID – AI - Generated Video Creation Platform

D-ID is the perfect choice for marketers who need to create engaging and professional-looking video content quickly and easily. This AI video generator platform uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate videos from existing images, text, and audio while allowing users to customize their output with an array of options.



· Automatically generates high-quality videos in minutes.

· Customizable options for each video.

· Multiple file formats and resolutions available.

· Easily integrate into existing content marketing strategies.

· No technical skills are necessary to use the platform.

· Cost-effective solution compared to other video creation platforms.


· Limited customizability of templates.

· No live video editing capabilities.

· Costly packages.



· This AI video generator offers four pricing plans tailored to individual or business needs.

· The trial plan is free for 14 days and allows you to create 5 minutes of video content.

· The Lite plan is perfect for individuals, starting at $5.99/month with 10 minutes of video creation per month available.

· For more frequent use, the Pro plan offers 15 minutes of video content monthly for $49.99/month.

· Finally, the Advanced and Enterprise plans offer 65 minutes and customized services, starting at $299.99/month.

· If you need more than these standard plans, DID also provides customized solutions; get in touch with their support team!

Rephrase.AI - Generate Personalized Videos at Scale

Suppose you're looking to create videos through an AI video generator. In that case, Rephrase.ai is an excellent choice to help you create numerous professional videos for business communications. You can render multiple video variants using this AI video generator via live-action footage of a person while using only one type of input, the script text. 



· Rephrase. AI is easy to use, and you can quickly create personalized videos with it that are tailored to your target audience.

· The program is highly cost-effective and can save businesses a significant amount of money instead of hiring a professional videographer.



· If you want to create more complicated videos, you'll need to purchase a package.



· It offers three plans; basic, growth, and pro.

Hourone - Make AI Videos to Explain Anything

At Hourone, videos are the best way to communicate complex concepts and engage your audience. Their AI video generator allows you to easily create high-quality explainer videos in minutes, which will help you boost your content and reach more people with fewer resources.



· The AI video generator provides a comprehensive library of +100 custom characters.

· You also have the option to bring your feelings and create custom videos.

· It is also easy to create videos in multiple languages with just a few clicks.



· Free Trial - $0

· Lite trial - $30/month

· Business - $199/month

Synthesia - AI Video Maker

Synthesia is the top AI video generator in the market right now. It can create high-quality videos within minutes, and you can adjust them to your exact needs and preferences. With Synthesia, you can edit existing videos, add new ones and customize the video to fit whatever marketing strategy you're proposing.



· Easy to use and intuitive.

· Great video editing tools.

· High-quality AI video generation.



· Unfortunately, this AI video generator offers no free plan.

· Video time limit of 4 minutes.



· It offers one pricing plan that is personal for $30. For further customization, you can contact the customer service team directly.

Invideo – AI-Based Text-To-Video Editor

Invideo is an excellent AI video generator platform that allows you to create incredible videos in minutes using an AI-powered text-to-video editor. This AI video generator makes creating high-quality professional videos for any purpose easy, with thousands of ready-to-use templates designed to help you capture attention and convert leads.



· With the massive library of 5000+ video templates, you can quickly create highquality, engaging videos for any purpose. 

· The AI video generator platform provides a wide range of features, such as AIpowered automated voiceovers, animation makers, and video cropping tools to ensure the finished product looks great.

· It provides thousands of templates and multimedia resources. Its support for multilingual videos and the option to add subtitles in multiple languages makes it stand out.



· Invideo offers three pricing plans - Free, Business, and Unlimited.

Elai - Generate AI Videos from Text

Elai is an AI video generator platform that helps you quickly create engaging videos from the text. With El AI, you can promptly produce explainer videos, product demos, video tutorials, and more. 



· It also offers various customization options such as text selection, font choice, animation style, and audio selection.

· This AI video generator is simple to use, offers a wide range of customization options, and produces engaging videos with natural-sounding audio.



· The pricing of this AI video generator is slightly on the expensive side.



· Free trial  

· Basic plan - $29/month.

· Advanced plan - $99/month.

Synthesys – AI Video Creation Platform

Synthesys is the perfect AI video generator for marketers who want to take their video campaigns to the next level. This AI video generator also is the ideal tool for marketers looking to create stunning, AI-generated videos to help drive their campaigns in 2023. With an array of features and pricing tiers, there is something for everyone.



· The AI video generator platform uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to transform the text.

· Audio, and visuals into engaging videos in minutes.

· Synthesys also offers advanced features such as automatic voice synthesis and lip-sync technology for creating realistic characters.

· The platform is also straightforward, with an intuitive user interface and no coding required.



· No free trial.



· Synthesys offers three plans Human Studio Synthesys ($31/per month), Audio Synthesis ($23 per month), and Audio and Human Studio Synthesys ($47 per month).

Revolutionizing Video Marketing with AI Video Generators

AI video generators are the future of video marketing. With these platforms, marketers can quickly and easily create high-quality videos for any purpose with minimal effort. From explainer videos and product demos to video tutorials and engaging stories, AI video generators are the perfect tool for creating captivating visuals to help engage your target audience and drive conversions.


With an array of features and pricing tiers, there is something for everyone! With AI video generators, you can create unique, engaging videos that set you apart from the competition. Try one of these platforms today and revolutionize your video marketing strategy!

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