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5 Best AI Avatar Generator in 2023

Lisa Tatum
June 2, 2023

AI avatars are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and each other. By using artificial intelligence algorithms, these digital presenters can be highly personalized and reflect our unique identities.

Why Do You Need An AI Avatar?

In the business world, AI avatar are beginning to replace traditional models for advertising production. This type of advertising saves costs for hiring models, shooting expenses, and a significant amount of time during the process. Additionally, some teachers are using AI avatar to create online courses, while others are using them for entertainment purposes, such as making videos featuring Santa Claus. With the rise of the chat GPT industry, some AI avatar are being used as virtual customer service representatives to generate real-time responses.

So, let us examine the potential uses of AI avatar and explore some of the top AI avatar generators presently accessible.

The Different Types of AI Avatar

  • text-to-Speech AI avatars:  virtual characters that can speak any text in different languages and voices, using realistic facial expressions and lip-syncing.
  • virtual assistants AI Avatars: AI avatars which can communicate with us in real time via video.
  • metaverse AI Avatars:  A digital representation of yourself or someone else in a virtual world.

Today we are talking about text-to-speech ai avatars, which are also the most realistic avatars in terms of lip-sync.

Discover the Top-Rated Text-To-Speech AI Avatar Generator

#1 HeyGen - Best AI Avatars Generator & AI Videos from Text

This platform utilizes AI technology to generate videos from text by creating talking avatars. With over 100 avatars available, there are various styles, ages, and demographic features to choose from. Additionally, these avatars are capable of speaking over 40 languages and over 300 accents. However, users can also personalize their experience by recording and uploading their own voice.

One of the platform's standout features is the "Talking Photo" option. This feature allows users to transform any photo into a video by inputting text. You can also create your own Custom Avatar by 5 mins recording of yourself or do the facewrap of the AI avatars to make the AI character just looks the same as you.


  • Free plan: Offers a 1-minute free credit, access to all public avatars and templates, TalkingPhoto, Avatar FaceSwap, and full editor access. 
  • Essential plan: Costs $2.4 per minute or $48-60 per month with annual billing, includes all free benefits, up to 10-min long videos, premium voices, auto captions, no watermark, and priority video processing. 
  • Pro plan: Costs $2 per minute or $180-225 per month with annual billing, includes all Essential benefits, up to 15-min long videos, API access. 
  • Enterprise plan: Offers customized plans with up to unlimited large volume and includes all Pro benefits, as well as 24/7 support.

#2 Elai.io - Business AI Avatars Generator

Elai.io utilizes AI technology to generate videos featuring a human-like AI avatar solely based on text input. After selecting an avatar and providing a script, the software produces a video.

However, Elai goes beyond similar solutions and provides three exciting options for creating a customized talking AI avatar. Firstly, users can create a selfie avatar using their phone, and receive it within 3-5 business days. This avatar can then be used with any available template on the platform. The cost for this service is $259 per year.

Alternatively, users can create a cartoon talking avatar from a single photo. The final option is a Studio avatar, which is a professionally-crafted talking avatar. This option requires professional equipment to record and can produce up to 4K quality videos. The cost for this service is $500 per year. Elai also offers voice cloning for an annual fee of $400. This feature integrates with Descript overdub.


  • Free Plan: This plan offers 1 minute free credit
  • Basic plan:  This plan costs $29 per month and includes 15 minutes of video creation time per month, as well as access to 23 avatars.
  • Advanced plan:  For $99 per month, users can access the advanced plan, which offers 50 minutes of video creation time per month and access to the same 23 avatars as the basic plan.
  • Additional plans: Elai.io offers more plans depending on the amount of monthly video creation time required by the user.

#3 Yepic - Talking Photos & Entertainment AI Avatars Generator

Create a talking AI avatar with Yepic Talking Photos, a platform that offers amazing lip-sync quality and 40+ avatars to choose from. You can also use your own photo to make a unique avatar, but don’t worry about someone else using it without your permission. Yepic requires you to upload a video to verify your identity, which is a smart and simple way to protect your privacy.

You can use Yepic with 65+ languages and 450+ voices, or even upload your own voiceover for more personalization. The process of making an AI avatar is easy; just pick an avatar, type your text script (up to 4,000 characters), add music, text, transitions, and backgrounds, click on “generate,” and wait for a few minutes to get your video file.


  • Standard plan: For professional video production. £29 per user/month. 20 credits/month. Fast video rendering in less than 30 minutes.
  • Plus plan: For advanced video features. Most popular. £79 per user/month. 100 credits/month. Fast video rendering in less than 20 minutes. Create API (beta), Animate Any Photo (beta) and Autotranslate (coming soon) features.
  • Premium plan:  For API personalisation. £299 per user/month. 500 credits/month. Priority video rendering in less than 10 minutes. Create and Personalise API (beta), Animate Any Photo (coming soon) and Autotranslate (coming soon) features.

#4 Crazytalk - Funny AI Avatars Generator

Crazytalk is a software for Mac and PC that lets you animate facial images into AI avatars with voice and text. You can get a free 30-day trial with many resources. This platform is for experienced users who want high-quality video animations. You can make characters in 2D and 3D with 3D motion, including facial expressions and lip-syncing.


Crazytalk has a one-time payment option of $159 for a basic license, but you need to pay extra for features like head maker, facial movements, and more.

#5 Colossyan - Text-to-video Digital Avatars for Learning & Development 

Colossyan is an AI video generator that lets you create videos with text-to-speech ai avatars. You can choose from over 30 AI avatars and more than 70 languages with Colossyan. One of the unique features of Colossyan’s platform is that you can change your avatar’s age and emotions with a single click.


  • Free Plan: Create up to five minutes of videos with two characters, only in English, and with a watermark. 
  • Basic plan($21/month): Use two premium actors, make videos with up to three scenes, and get English support with a watermark. 
  • Pro plan($70/month): Access 12 premium actors, create videos with up to six scenes, and use 70+ languages. You can also add your own images and videos. 
  • Enterprise plan: Get all the Pro features, plus 30+ premium actors, make videos with up to 25 scenes, and collaborate with your team. You can also translate videos in 28+ languages, get Ultra HD (4k) video quality, brand kits, a dedicated manager, and easy procurement.

Which AI Avatars Generator do you like the most? 

To sum up, avatars come in many shapes and forms, with different options for different needs and use cases. 

In this era of rapid changes, we are all under the wave of technology. On one hand, we look for new tools to speed up our work efficiency. On the other hand, we look for our own emotional value on these tools. What else can AI avatars do? In the near future, it could be limitless.