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All-in-One Personalized Video Generator: Empower Your Outreach

December 20, 2023

Video email marketing is an extremely effective way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. However creating customized videos for each of your contacts can be extremely time-consuming. That's why we're excited to announce HeyGen's Personalized Video Generator - the easiest way to scale your video email outreach!

With HeyGen, you can instantly create customized video messages for your prospects and customers. Our AI-powered platform generates lifelike videos using digital avatars based on your unique brand assets and guidelines. This allows you to deliver personalized, relevant content to captivate your audience while automating a traditionally manual, time-intensive process.

Why Personalized Video Emails Are A Great Idea

Personalized video emails have proven extremely effective for demand generation and sales enablement. Here are some of the key reasons why you should incorporate personalized video into your email campaigns:

Get Results with Personalized videos

Qualify More Leads With Personalized Videos

Personalized videos can help you grab attention and connect emotionally with prospects. In fact, research shows that you can generate 79% more marketing qualified leads by using targeted video in emails compared to generic blasts.

With HeyGen, it takes just minutes to create customized videos tailored to each recipient. Share demos, testimonials, event invites, and more to generate more interest and increase lead quality.

Increase Sales Production With Video Messaging

Buyers crave more human, trust-based interactions during the purchasing process. Personalized videos allow you to replicate this experience at scale across your sales funnel.

Sales reps can use HeyGen to easily create introduction videos, share proposals, upsell/cross-sell, educate prospects, and close deals. By adding this personal touch, you can increase pipeline velocity by building stronger relationships.

Shorten Your Deal Cycle With HeyGen

Lengthy sales cycles cut into productivity and profit margins. With HeyGen, sales teams can use personalized video to educate prospects and accelerate deals.

Send quick video demos to showcase product capabilities more intelligently than generic collateral. Share custom testimonials from similar customers to build trust. And walk prospects through proposals step-by-step to simplify decision making.

Short, targeted personalized videos give prospects the confidence to pull the trigger faster. According to research, companies using video can shorten decision-making time by up to 20 days!

How to get started with HeyGen

4 Types Of Videos You Can Include In An Email Campaign

The possibilities are endless with HeyGen's AI Video generator. But most users find success with these four video types:

Welcome Videos

Kickoff every new relationship on a personal note. HeyGen Welcome Videos introduce your reps to prospects with a friendly, authentic greeting. Quickly establish rapport while setting the agenda for future communications.

Sales Proposal Videos

Video proposals showcase solutions more clearly and emotionally than static proposals. With HeyGen, quickly generate videos to walk prospects through quotes, contracts, and statements of work. Simplify complex information and win more deals.

Explainer Videos

Got a complex product or service? Explainer videos help simplify key concepts and onboard new users. Reps can create custom explainers to eliminate knowledge gaps throughout the buyer's journey - no filming required!

Product Update Videos

Engage customers post-sale by sharing quick personalized videos announcing new features, releases, and upgrades. Adding a personal touch helps increase feature adoption and retention over time.

Ready To Get Started?

As you can see, HeyGen makes it fast and easy to incorporate video into every customer touchpoint. If you're ready to boost conversions with personalized video at scale, request a demo today. We're excited to show you the possibilities!