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Scaled outreach

Create personalized outreach videos at scale

Create from scratch or use one of the many templates we've created to help get you started.

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Create personalized outreach videos at scale
with pre-designed templates

Personalized outreach

Add an unique touch to your outreach programs by creating personalized videos at scale.

Personalized communication

Develop engaging, relevant, and personalized content to better engage with your audience.
Sales deck
Internal communication
Onboarding guidance
Agency follow-up
CEO’s message
Business report
Diversity and  inclusion
Modeling a dialogue
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How to create outreach videos with HeyGen

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1 Choose An Explainer Video Template

Choose an explainer video template from the template library to use as the structure of your video.

2 Select An AI Avatar To Explain

Choose from a selection of 80+ avatars spanning ethnicities, ages, and styles to be the educator in your video.

3 Type Your Script

Write your script and select your desired voice, pitch, and talking speed. HeyGen will use our technology to have your avatar animate your script,
lip-sync and all.

4 Add Personal Touches

Use our element library or upload your own elements to customize your slides. Edit slide content and transition animations to make your video more engaging.

5 Submit Your Video for Processing

Click 'Submit' and your video will be ready in just a few minutes!